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Straight from the Founder: Motivis and Competency-Based Education

by Howard Weiner on April 22, 2016

Category: Competency-Based Education, Innovation

Building blocks of education

Competency-Based Education (or CBE) has been discussed extensively over the past few years however there is still a wide array of experiences and knowledge on this topic to share. It seems that everyone is considering CBE but institutions still seek support during the exploratory phase. Our CBE Colloquiums are meant to provide additional opportunities for educators to hear from their peers who pioneered CBE programs on campus while also being introduced to the technology that will help ease the institutional burden of making such a transformative change.


Next week we’re inviting Brian Peddle, CEO of Motivis Learning, to close out our CBE Colloquium series by sharing his vision for this growing focus in higher education. We hope you’ll join the discussion.


During this webinar you will hear Brian share the story of how Motivis was born out of the Innovation Lab at Southern New Hampshire University, providing the competency-based platform for College for America. Beyond that we’ll ask Brian to discuss exactly how he’ll be leading this initiative across the country. After hearing stories from the front lines and working with institutions on their innovation strategy, Brian understands what it takes for an institution to connect the silos, create a plan, and act on that plan.


If you missed the other events in our CBE series, you can find the recordings on our Youtube page. The Faculty Insights session provides stories from three very different types of institutions: a non-profit community college, a private liberal arts college, and a for-profit college. Hear how they pushed the envelope and created new opportunities for the post-traditional student. Then in our Technology session you’ll be introduced to Motivis Learning and the platform that builds communities around each student while providing a holistic view into student performance and competencies.


As we finish off our CBE Colloquiums with Brian Peddle’s “Founder’s Vision,” we hope this will help further frame discussions that are happening on campus each day.


Thursday, April 28 at 2pm EST – see you there.

About Howard Weiner

Howard Weiner, co-founder of NobleStream with Lisa March, has held senior marketing and sales leadership positions with commercial publishers in Higher Education, most recently as Vice President and Regional Sales Director at John Wiley & Sons.

Howard has spent his career in academic publishing at the forefront of technical subject matter and emerging educational technologies. Among his many accomplishments at Wiley, Howard is noted for founding the Wiley Faculty Network (WFN), a peer-to-peer network of faculty advocates sharing best practices around implementing new technologies.

You can connect with Howard on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.

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