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NobleStream & Partners: Enabling Teaching and Learning in Multiple Dimensions

by Alex Pooler on May 26, 2017

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NobleStream is excited to announce their participation in the 26th annual SUNY Conference on Instruction and Technology (CIT) at the Oneonta campus from May 30 through June 2.


The 2017 SUNY CIT theme, Teaching and Learning in Multiple Dimensions, challenges conference participants to demonstrate how they strategically use tools, media and pedagogy to stimulate learners to respond with greater cognitive gain. Teaching and Learning in Multiple Dimensions is supported by NobleStream partners as they seek impactful ways to create and deliver meaningful content to students, facilitate engagement, and improve learning outcomes and college completion in a rapidly changing educational technology sphere.


The mission of NobleStream is to provide a single path for educators seeking solutions to a multitude of issues that confront academia today. NobleStream’s partners share a common vision to reduce the cost of course materials, implement data-driven intervention strategies, and drive improved learning outcomes.


Brad Beatty, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at NobleStream, notes that educators in higher education face obstacles when searching for educational technology tools that fit their unique needs.


“Educators understand that technology has the potential to positively impact student outcomes, but there are more choices than ever before. It’s challenging to explore what’s out there,” said Beatty. “That’s where NobleStream comes into play – we represent a portfolio of ed tech companies in the higher education space. We talk to educators everyday about what they are looking for and introduce them to innovative companies that can help.”


At this year’s SUNY CIT event, NobleStream is providing several opportunities for faculty, technologists, librarians, and administrators from SUNY’s 64 campuses to learn about evidence-based solutions for teaching and learning with technology in all types of learning spaces.


NobleStream’s collaborative session, “A Founder’s Vision: Ed Tech’s Role in Higher Education,” is modeled after the hit show Shark Tank, ABC’s critically acclaimed and Emmy-winning business-themed reality show. NobleStream will introduce attendees to a portfolio of Founders whose visions address some of the most transformative movements impacting today’s higher education landscape, including open educational resources (OER), adaptive learning, and digital learning tools to support training and professional development.


Presenters at the session will include:

  • Brad Beatty – VP Strategic Partnerships at NobleStream
  • Lisa March – Managing Partner at Partner in Publishing
  • Aravind Pochiraju – Founder at Lrnr
  • Brian Jacobs – Founder at panOpen
  • Jefferson Flanders – President at MindEdge Learning


Lrnr and panOpen both enable a low-cost alternative to commercial textbooks through Open Educational Resources, which is a popular topic at SUNY CIT. Open SUNY, a system-wide effort designed to maximize online-enabled learning opportunities for current and future SUNY students, is further supported by the OER advocacy and support service Open SUNY Textbooks.


“The ‘open’ in Open Educational Resources removes the restrictions to teaching and learning,” explained Brian Jacobs, Founder and CEO of panOpen. “Rather than conceptualizing Open Educational Resources as another means of ‘content delivery,’ OER allow educators to imagine the possibility of a wider spectrum of learning through technology. Open Educational Resources support equity and access to learning, blended and flipped learning environments, and even creation of content and knowledge by students. panOpen provides the technology tools and means of sustainability that empower faculty to realize the full potential of these resources.”


Jacobs will also address conference participants at the Tuesday evening Welcome Reception to discuss solutions for common obstacles to OER adoption.


One obstacle to widespread OER adoption is a perception that most open digital learning resources are static, inflexible, and lack personalization. NobleStream’s partner Lrnr offers a unique solution to this issue, providing openly-licensed educational content with assessments that are continuously adapted to create a personalized learning pathway for each student.


“Instructors are struggling to keep their students engaged,” said Aravind Pochiraju, Founder at Lrnr. “Digital platforms with personalized learning technology provide the types of content that makes learning highly effective and efficient – for both students and instructors.”


In addition to Founders’ solutions to improving college affordability and learning outcomes with OER, Jefferson Flanders, President at MindEdge Learning, will discuss how research in education and learning supports the design features of their online education solution.


“We know from learning science research that students respond to variety,” Flanders said. “MindEdge looks to seamlessly incorporate diagnostics, adaptive learning, interactive games, and narrative learning to help their students achieve mastery. We know students learn better when they’re asked to restate concepts and to synthesize, and our courses offer many opportunities for that interaction to occur.”


Finally, Partner in Publishing will highlight how mechanisms of comprehensive support for ed tech companies and digital publishers lead to successful outcomes for partners in higher education. For both the companies and their clients, Partner in Publishing believes the key ingredient is alignment – alignment of goals with product development strategies, alignment of staff resources with client goals, and especially, alignment of curation of learning materials to targeted learning outcomes.


“When we support faculty to curate learning content, the first thing I typically say is, ‘let’s look at the learning outcomes.’” said Jean Downs, Instructional Designer and Assessment Specialist at Partner in Publishing. “By beginning with the learning outcomes, we design backwards to locate and re-mix content to create a streamlined learning experience that aligns with your course, program and institutional learning outcomes.”


Partner in Publishing provides the services needed to effectively implement education technology in K-20, including instructional design, technology onboarding, project management, marketing campaign strategy and execution, and even call center services.


NobleStream is honored to introduce the 2017 SUNY CIT participants to a portfolio of educational solutions companies that address educators’ challenges to effective teaching and learning in multiple dimensions: equity of access, college affordability, and student preparedness, retention and completion.


Participants who are unable to attend the Founder’s Vision session can visit NobleStream and their partners at the Technology Showcase in the Alumni Field House on Wednesday from 4:30 – 8:00 pm and Thursday from 5:00 – 7:30 pm. Additionally, participants are invited to join NobleStream and partners on Thursday, June 1 for a “night cap” between 8:00 and 10:00 pm at the Holiday Inn Oneonta-Cooperstown (5206 State Highway 23).


NobleStream is a Gold sponsor for the 2017 SUNY Conference on Instruction and Technology.



For more information about NobleStream, email us at info(at)noblestream(dot)com or call 800-504-5185.


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