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Learn: Understand the Market

Building great products is about asking the right questions to the right people. We know the right people through our extensive higher-education connections. We leverage these relationships to get ed-tech innovators the information they need to make better decisions. So developers make better products and educators choose the right tools.

Here’s an overview of the proven, data-driven methods we use to identify the right customer profile, secure beta testers, and nurture early adopters:

Online Surveys:  Concise, well-crafted surveys deliver a broad view of changing markets. They confirm contentions, challenge suppositions and help set direction.

Educator Focus Groups: Getting educators together to interact with one another uncovers new ideas and validates thinking. It’s a great way to test an idea, a design concept, or a message. Bringing the right educators together also creates product enthusiasts and willing advocates to move ed-tech forward.

One-On-One Interviews: In-depth, one-on-one interviews offer a level of market insight that you can’t get anywhere else. We use a rigorous research method that includes assembling and analyzing results in a way that adds a quantitative view to the candor of individual responses.

Peer Reviews: We have perfected the editorial peer review process. Our network of savvy, knowledgeable educators is willing to comment and contribute to product development.

Class Testing: Watching how educators actually use products is invaluable. We can arrange and manage pilot programs with carefully selected instructors (and their students), so we can see how products perform in the real world.

Webinar Presentations: Webinars are an efficient means of giving educators a first look at new solutions. We optimize Webinar performance, handling all the little details to make the most of everyone’s valuable time.

The Academic Challenge


When you truly know your market, you make better decisions on direction, development and where to focus resources.


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