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The Institutional Lens Series: Working Together to Remake the Future

by Howard Weiner on September 29, 2015

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Introducing The Institutional Lens Series with Two New Events

institutional lens headerEdtech, innovation, startupsThis new series is a unique opportunity to experience and understand the needs of some of the most innovative players in the higher education sector, bringing together edtech start-ups and the very same individuals who will make the buying decisions downstream. Solutions providers will get a “lens” into the inner workings of institutions—how they think, what’s important to them, and the process around the implementation of products and service.

These sessions are a must-see for any start-up who’s trying build an edtech product or service for institutional adoption.

Two sessions are scheduled so far:

Monday October 19, 2015 at 12:00 pm EST

MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, ON

MaRS logoParticipants:

  • Candis Shupe, Learning Resource Manager at Western Governors University
  • Kimberly Jacobs, Director of Core Learning at American Public University System
  • Stuart J. Sigman, PhD, Dean of System-Wide Programs, College of Arts and Sciences at Argosy University

Tuesday October 27, 2015 at 10:00 am PST

GSVlabs EdTech Innovation Lab in San Francisco, CA

GSV logoParticipants:

  • Candis Shupe, Learning Resource Manager at Western Governors University
  • Tamara Knupp, Manager, Instructional Materials at Strayer University
  • Jeff Dunn, Senior Director DV X, DeVry Education Group

Working Together to Remake the Future

Today’s institutional leaders are in an interesting position. While they have an opportunity to completely overhaul the sector, the risks are extremely high. Institutional-wide edtech implementations are costly. Aside from the cost of of the platform or service, there are on-boarding and training costs, not to mention management and maintenance of a new system. Failure is not an option because miscues are too costly. That means that they have to do their research to find the right product and more importantly, the right partner.

That’s where you come in. You have a smart solution to a known problem. You are creating the perfect product or service to solve the issue. But are you sure that you’re building the right product? The field is littered with edtech startups with good ideas that never made it. While this market can be one of the most rewarding, it’s also extremely unforgiving. Building a product, you can get the main points right. But what about the nuances? How can you be sure that you’re getting all the nuances?

Every institution has a distinct fingerprint, which means that the nuances around their needs are going to be unique. Your customers now want input into product design and development. You want to be sure that you’re listening to the right feedback, from the right customers.

This session is the starting point.

You’ll get access to the key players at some of the most innovative institutions in higher ed today. You’ll get ask them directly. This is an opportunity unlike anything before—not only to truly understand the needs of decision-makers, but the chance to build a deep relationship a potentially huge client. It could be the big break that your company needs.

For more detail on the goals of the session, please see The Institutional Lens Series: Empowering Edtech Startups.

Please e-mail us at if you would like your edtech startup, incubator, or institution to be considered for future events.

For more about our hosts:

GSV Labs |

MaRS Discovery District |

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