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Let's Talk About Now

The Fall 2016 NobleStream Webinar Program

We hope it’s clear as to why our mantra is “Let’s Talk About Now.” Yes, we have a sense of urgency. Technologies to improve student outcomes, increase retention rates and reduce the student cost of materials exist: accelerating the pace at which these solutions are adopted is our mission at NobleStream. Achieving this goal means aligning the agendas of all stakeholders across the institutions we serve. This means providing these stakeholders with the opportunity to experience these next-gen educational technology solutions firsthand. That’s what the NobleStream Webinar Program is all about.

Just the Beginning of the Journey

This fall, NobleStream opens the landscape to include a deep dive into the ever evolving role of the Learning Platform, featuring the preeminent Edtech bloggers from E-Literate, Phil Hill and Michael Feldstein. We’ll explore the growing category of alternate educational providers with founder Burck Smith from Straighterline and meet with Riipen, a company connecting project-based learning to corporate America. As expected, the fall program will continue to include the “under the hood” experiences of the latest in next gen EdTech courseware currently being adopted at progressive institutions globally.

Aligning Stakeholders to Accelerate Change

The NobleStream Webinar Program is designed to meet the immediate needs of all stakeholder committed to the Educational Landscape. Whether you're a CIO, Faculty or even an Ed Tech Start-up, there is a program on our calendar just right for you. There are various types of programs in the NobleStream Fall Webinar Schedule. They include Colloquiums, Ed Tech Exhibitions and Incubator Alley; consider these webinar programs as your institution’s platform for transformation.

Faculty, Our Highest Priority

Our combined passion for accelerating the pace at which new educational technologies are adopted means making those closest to the learner, the Faculty, our highest priority. New methods of instruction are evolving to align with the implementation of next-gen Courseware and to deliver on the promise of improved outcomes. NobleStream's Fall Webinar Program is the destination for Faculty to learn from Faculty who are making this transition.

A 360-Degree Experience

NobleStream Colloquiums

These three part series offer its attendees a 360-degree view into the most transformative movements impacting today’s landscape of higher education. Here you will have the opportunity to meet with Founders whose visions are addressing the most critical challenges facing academia and hear from educators immersed in their solutions. With Michael Feldstein and Phil Hill of e-Literate as our guides this fall we explore all facets of the Learning Platform decision in context of the myriad of new technologies and teaching pedagogies reaching the space. Then come with us as we track the student journey, from Prior Knowledge Assessment to Alternate Educational Providers to the arduous process of Student Data Integration. Below the journey begins …

NobleStream Colloquiums

The Modern Learning Platform: Not Your Mother’s Old LMS

The Learning Platform is becoming ever more central to supporting the educational landscape as it continues to transform. Educators must parse through vendor marketing buzz while vendors must understand institutional decision-making processes. That’s where our guides, Michael Feldstein and Phil Hill come in. In our three-part series, the brain trust at e-Literate share their journey to becoming thought leaders in the Higher Ed/EdTech space. We’ll hear from change-agent educators that understand the importance of the pedagogy beyond technology platforms. Finally Phil and Michael rationalize the Learning Platform decision, making selection and implementation easier for both institutions and the myriad vendors in the marketplace.

1. Founder's Vision

Phil Hill and Michael Feldstein, preeminent writers from e-Literate discuss their respective paths to being the rational voice of EdTech in Higher Ed

2. Institutional Strategy and Decision-Making

Hear from your colleagues who are on the front lines of their technology implementation, sharing their focus on pedagogy first and technology second.

3. Vendor Strategy and Support

Phil and Michael discuss best practices for Learning Platform selection, creating common ground for administrators and vendors they seek to trust.

NobleStream Colloquiums

The Student Lifecycle: An Academic Journey

Why has the term “Student Lifecycle” finally become mainstream and ubiquitous? Why has it taken so long to be concerned with a student’s experience, from the application process to the job search? This three-part series will feature Educational Consultants, CEOs, and stakeholders that have experience driving change across the Student Lifecycle. Join us as our colleagues discuss Project-Based Learning, Prior Learning Assessment, and Alternate Credit Pathways.

1. The Bridge to Employment

Dana Stephenson, Co-Founder of Riipen, shares how he helps connect students directly to meaningful Experiential Learning opportunities with real companies, using curriculum-aligned projects to build verified skills.

2. Prior Learning Assessment

The braintrust at Educators Serving Educators discusses why Prior Learning Assessment is becoming an ideal way to serve the adult learner while also being an effective enrollment strategy.

3. Alternate Credit Pathways

Burck Smith of StraighterLine has a vision for affordable higher education that helps colleges attract new and re-engage existing students and helps students lower the cost and risk of starting college. Listen as he discusses how to create low-cost pathways for your future graduates.

From Pilots to Adoption

Ed-Tech Exhibitions

These 50-minute sessions get right to the point. Often facilitated by faculty using next-gen Courseware either in the traditional classroom or at a distance, these are deep dives of solutions that can be immediately considered for spring pilots and fall adoptions. Here, educators will get to experience Adaptive OER Courseware and Competency-Based solutions, as well as IT certifications and virtual labs. These events are just a small sample of what faculty will find when perusing our Ed-Tech Exhibitions Programs calendar. These “digital first” turnkey courseware solution sessions have two things in common: improved outcomes and dramatic cost reductions to students. Only here will educators be able to compare and contrast courseware from multiple next-gen providers in their subject areas. All can be considered for immediate adoption. These sessions are a must for faculty committed to meet the nation's imperative to reduce the cost of materials for students.

Ed-Tech Exhibitions

Fulcrum Labs

Highly visual, mastery-based courseware for Economics, Psychology, History, and Math.

Ed-Tech Exhibitions


Interactive WebTexts for Business, Humanities, and Social Science.

Ed-Tech Exhibitions


A student-owned, personalized learning experience Physics, Biology, and Social Science.

Ed-Tech Exhibitions


Customizable OER courseware in Economics, History, and Science.

Ed-Tech Exhibitions


IT certification courseware and labs aligned with industry standards.

Incubator Alley

Building a winning product is difficult for any start up. How do I secure financing? Does my value proposition resonate? How do I access decision makers? Will my solution scale across the Institution? These are just a few of the questions that emerging Ed Techs must answer before they come to market. There is no shortage of new companies coming into the space and too many are missing the mark. Supporting our incubating Ed Techs is core to the NobleStream mission. If we are to assist in the acceleration of new solutions, we have to help prepare our budding visionaries for the realities of the higher education marketplace. While all eventualities can never be anticipated, many of them can be. The Webinar programs in “Incubator Alley” such as “Founder Visions” offer “start-ups” access to the insights of financiers and founders as they share their experiences launching their companies into the space. There is also an unprecedented opportunity to our start-ups who choose to attend our Institutional Lens webinar; here, key decision makers at some of the largest and most progressive institutions in the United States share their processes for evaluating new learning technologies. In total, attend NobleStream Incubator Alley webinars to learn about the path and destination from those who have walked it and succeeded.

Incubator Alley

Institutional Lens

In this webinar your leadership team will get a unique “lens” into the inner workings of institutions by speaking directly with the decision makers entrusted with evaluating your solution.

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Incubator Alley

Founder Series

The NobleStream ecosystem offers our community a portfolio of Founders who have walked the road less travelled: the path that has lead to success.

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