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Straight from the Founder: Motivis and Competency-Based Education

by Howard Weiner on April 22, 2016

Category: Competency-Based Education, Innovation

Building blocks of education

Competency-Based Education (or CBE) has been discussed extensively over the past few years however there is still a wide array of experiences and knowledge on this topic to share. It seems that everyone is considering CBE but institutions still seek support during the exploratory phase. Our CBE Colloquiums are meant to provide additional opportunities for … Continue reading Straight from the Founder: Motivis and Competency-Based Education

Equity in Education: OER Can Help

by Howard Weiner on December 16, 2015

Category: Academic Challenges, Equity of Access, Reducing Cost of Materials

equity in education, open access, higher ed, OER, Open Educational Resources

U.S. higher education is generally a pay-to-play model. It runs the full range, from affordable to out-of-reach. This means that there’s inequality baked into the system. So how can we honor the “moral imperative” of offering an equal opportunity to anyone who desires it?

The Institutional Lens Series: Empowering Edtech Startups

by Howard Weiner on October 5, 2015

Category: Innovation, The Institutional Lens Series

Edtech, innovation, startups

The Institutional Lens Series: Putting edtech startups and innovative institutional leaders in the same room so that they can learn from one another and produce the next generation of edtech products.

The Institutional Lens Series: Working Together to Remake the Future

by Howard Weiner on September 29, 2015

Category: Innovation, The Institutional Lens Series

Edtech, innovation, startups

The Institutional Lens Series is a new event created and sponsored by NobleStream, bringing together edtech startups and some of the most innovative institutions in the higher ed sector. These sessions are a must-see for any start-up who’s trying build an edtech product or service for institutional adoption.

What Does S.T.E.M. Stand For? A Call to Action

by Howard Weiner on July 21, 2015

Category: Academic Challenges, STEM Education

What Does STEM Stand For, Student Retention, Challenges in Education, Student Retention Strategies, STEM Facts, STEM, Ed Tech, Higher Education, Math Education, Remediation, Science Education, Student Retention, Technology

It’s hard to argue the importance of STEM education. Most of the desirable, high-paying jobs in today’s world require some proficiency in technology. So why are we losing nearly half of our best students? Howard Weiner examines the issue and looks at some of the solutions.

Turning Optimism Into Action: Institutional Change in Higher Education

by Howard Weiner on June 23, 2015

Category: Academic Challenges, Innovation

Ed Tech, Higher Education, Institutional Change, Transformation Teams

The fast pace of ed tech innovation means that competition for students among higher ed institutions will continue to increase. Those that don’t keep up will get left behind. Here are the two basic requirements for meaningful change at the institutional level.

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