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The Academic Challenge / Institutional Efficacy and Effectiveness

A New Framework for Assessing Performance

According to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, “Institutional effectiveness is the systematic, explicit, and documented process of measuring performance against mission in all aspects of an institution.”

Since 1987, the United States Department of Education has “required regional accrediting agencies to measure the effectiveness of their institutions” in terms of:

  • Existence of an institutional purpose appropriate for higher education
  • Determining that the institution has educational objectives consistent with its mission or purpose
  • Documentation of the achievement of students in relation to the intended educational outcomes identified
  • Determination of the extent to which institutions regularly evaluate student academic achievement and use its results for improvement of educational programs

Achieving these requirements has been difficult for institutions using current information systems, many of which were developed for business and not for measuring student outcomes.

Why Assessments and Rubrics for Student Learning Objectives technology is an answer

Regarding institutional effectiveness, the American Council on Education states on “The dynamism and fluidity of current trends and those yet unimagined will continue to influence and shape higher education’s future. The degree to which institutions can harness their resources to achieve their objectives will depend upon the clarity of these objectives and the institution’s willingness to set priorities and solve its problems. This requires assessing current status, designing a change process, developing and educating senior leaders, and the obligation and nimbleness to make significant widespread change at all levels.”

“Traditional transcripts report course credits and letter grades earned, and these are only relevant at graduation. The eLumen Student Learning Outcomes Transcript shows actual student learning, performance and achievements during the college experience, as they are noted. Faculty can set and maintain academic standards across the institution. Instructional support centers can immediately know which students need assistance in their area of expertise.”

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More on Assessments and Rubrics for Student Learning Objectives

The Academic Challenge

Institutional Efficacy and Effectiveness

“ Rich is the college that can claim to have equipped its students with such experiences [deep learning and real-life applications] before sending them as graduates into the world.” -President of Ursinus College, Bobby Fong

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Empowering Students and Educators


Motivis Learning provides a fully-integrated suite of learning tools (think SIS, LMS, community engagement and more) designed specifically for CBE. The Motivis platform empowers students to direct their own educational path, provides instructors everything they need to facilitate and monitor student progress, and enables interaction in unprecedented ways.

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Student lifecycle data integration and API hubs for accelerated implementations and workflow automation.


Lingk enables technology leaders to help bring about change to education by innovating to meet the needs of the consumer – the student.

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Assessments and Rubrics for Student Learning Objectives Solution Partner

Private: elumen

eLumen offers a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that uniquely enables collection, management and reporting of per student, per course outcomes assessment data. eLumen enables academic institutions to gain enriched insights from outcomes.

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