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The Academic Challenge / College and Career Readiness

Becoming College and Career Ready

Every student should graduate prepared for the next challenge: college, careers, and life. They should be ready to meet the demands of the 21st century workplace. This is an enormous task that educators, guidance counselors, and administrators face today.

School districts nationwide are confronting this challenge head on in a multitude of ways, from advancements in Career and Technical Education (CTE) to increased work-based learning and job shadowing efforts. These efforts and many others signal progress, yet challenges like budgeting, staffing, and time constraints still limit the number of students who will benefit from these progressive programs.

A recent study by Civic Enterprises for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation examined the views of diverse youth, ages 16–25, who had failed to complete high school. One of the five actions they suggested for schools striving to improve students’ chances of completion was to make school more engaging through real-world, experiential learning.  Students want to see the connection between school and work, which means that we need to go beyond the traditional curricula to help them.

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Why Interactive Career Exploration technology is an answer

Coursework becomes more relevant for students when they see it is an essential part of the path to their own future success. Critical decisions about college or career training become more informed, focused, and intentional.

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The Academic Challenge

College and Career Readiness

“Technology has transformed our 21st century world. Everyone needs to be college and career ready to thrive in it.”

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Project-based learning platform where students can complete projects for companies, building job-ready skills.

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A project-based learning platform that enables Higher Ed institutions to provide experiential learning at scale.

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