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The Academic Challenge / Reducing Cost of Materials & Ensuring Equity of Access

A Call to Action

Access to core learning materials correlates to higher student success rates. It is not only practical, but imperative too. The U.S Department of Education states on that, “Equity in education is vital because equality of opportunity is a core American value. Young people in this country—regardless of wealth, home language, zip code, gender, sexual orientation, race, or disability—must have the chance to learn and achieve. Education must provide a path to a thriving middle class for all who are willing to work hard. Our national identity and our economic strength depend on it.”

“Indiana University has undertaken initiatives with adopting affordable e-texts for students because, although still major tools for higher education, textbooks often get in the way of learning because students cannot afford to buy every textbook assigned in their courses. Taken from


Why Open Educational Resources (OER) technology is an answer

These six benefits outlined by are compelling enough to implement OER into your academic program:

  1. More usage: Students who couldn’t afford a book and went without now can obtain the assigned class materials they need to succeed in a course.
  2. Greater savings: According to the National Association of College Stores, students spend $1200 annually on course materials.
  3. More students: Course enrollments increase in size when required course content is affordable.
  4. No needless updates: Textbooks are revised every 2-3 years as a way to flush used books out of the system, serving a publisher need-not a student need. With OER, you control if/when to update or switch.
  5. Personalized examples: Students relate better to examples that mesh with their own lives, use terms they know, or are locally relevant.
  6. More connections: If your course is tied to another discipline, you can modify OER to add relevant examples or explanations that unify the student experience, making it easier for them to see the connections

Why Custom Courseware Development is an Answer

The subscription model of purchasing course materials works for many institutions, especially those in the public arena. The cost of materials is incurred as students take their seats. However, other institutions wish to do things differently. They want more control over the design and want to participate in the development of the content their students interact with. As opposed to the subscription model, these institutions want to own their courseware. Here is an article by syberworks that explains how engineering the delivery of information leads to better results, all obtainable with custom courseware development teams.

More on Open Educational Resources (OER)

The Academic Challenge

Reducing Cost of Materials & Ensuring Equity of Access

“We are true to our creed when a little girl born into the bleakest poverty knows that she has the same chance to succeed as anybody else.” — President Obama, 2nd inaugural address

-Cited from



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