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About NobleStream

Who We Are

NobleStream’s mission is to bring true and sustaining value to our nation’s education system at the student teacher level each and every day. A thrilling sense of responsibility to further the advancement of education through technology is what drives us.

It is our goal to spark the conversation between key decision makers, resulting in the realization that technology solutions are invaluable. We use our years of experience in the education field and insight into emerging technologies to solve some of the biggest challenges academia faces today.

Howard Weiner / Managing Partner

Howard Weiner, co-founder of NobleStream with Lisa March, has held senior marketing and sales leadership positions with commercial publishers in Higher Education, most recently as Vice President and Regional Sales Director at John Wiley & Sons.

Howard has spent his career in Academic Publishing at the forefront of technical subject matter and emerging educational technologies. Among his many accomplishments at Wiley, Howard is noted for founding the Wiley Faculty Network (WFN), a peer-to-peer network of faculty advocates sharing best practices around implementing new technologies.

You can connect with Howard on LinkedIn and Google+.

Lisa March / Managing Partner

Lisa March, co-founder of NobleStream, is a highly-regarded leader, speaker, and advocate in the education services industry.

As a top performing sales team leader for Pearson, Oxford University Press, and John Wiley & Sons during a time of great change in the education sector, Lisa experienced first-hand the profound shift in strategy required to market, sell, and successfully deploy digital content and educational platforms. She owes her success to being solutions-oriented, and has built her own companies around a customer-first core philosophy.

You can connect with Lisa on LinkedIn and Google+.

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