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About NobleStream

Who We Are

NobleStream’s mission is to bring true and sustaining value to our nation’s education system at the student teacher level each and every day. A thrilling sense of responsibility to further the advancement of education through technology is what drives us.

It is our goal to spark the conversation between key decision makers, resulting in the realization that technology solutions are invaluable. We use our years of experience in the education field and insight into emerging technologies to solve some of the biggest challenges academia faces today.

Lisa March / Managing Partner

Lisa March, co-founder of NobleStream, is a highly-regarded leader, speaker, and advocate in the education services industry.

As a top performing sales team leader for Pearson, Oxford University Press, and John Wiley & Sons during a time of great change in the education sector, Lisa experienced first-hand the profound shift in strategy required to market, sell, and successfully deploy digital content and educational platforms. She owes her success to being solutions-oriented, and has built her own companies around a customer-first core philosophy.

You can connect with Lisa on LinkedIn and Google+.

Brad Beatty / VP of Strategic Partnerships

Brad has worked in the field of education technology for several years and brings a strong understanding of the impact that digital innovation has on the process of teaching and learning. He’s worked with stakeholders at all levels within higher education to develop and implement innovative strategies to improve student outcomes.

Heather Colley / Executive Strategy Consultant

Heather is a top performing business development and sales strategy expert.  She has 22 years of experience in sales, account management, project management, & training, as well as content acquisition, advertising, marketing, and promotions.  She has spent the last 16 years in consultative sales in the publishing & EdTech industries.  Her focus is providing valuable solutions for customers that will help them achieve their learning objectives while creating long term partnerships with their service providers.

Peter O'Reilly / Director of EdTech Partnerships

Since joining Lisa’s team in 2013, Peter has focused his energy on learning the ins and outs of the EdTech space. He has demonstrated a knack for finding innovative companies that are testing the limits of higher education while also addressing key challenges. 

Alex Pooler / Marketing Director

Alex brings his background in media communication to his marketing efforts with NobleStream. Since 2015, Alex has been speaking with educators across the country, gaining insight into the education space and what it is that colleges want. Now, Alex aids the innovators behind EdTech companies and assisting them in their branding and publicity, as well as aiding in the writing of copy, consulting for media content creation and planning of events for our partners.

John Smith / Board of Advisors

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